The EUI-Net Thematic Network approaches the transversal theme of the university role in a knowledge-driven society, namely the University - Industry cooperation. The project aims to create a European network of universities and industrial partners in the field of education, research and services. The main objectives are to define and update generic and specific competences relevant to the industrial sector using the "Tuning" methodology", in particular for the practical stages of the students as part of the curriculum and to promote synergies between teaching - learning - research in the European Higher Education for a better integration of research results in teaching.

This project partnership is built on the foundations previously laid by Tempus projects coordinated by the University Transilvania of Brasov, (QUEST UM_JEP 1377-98, CONEET S_JEP 11563-96 and EUROCEP IB_JEP 14395-99) and the FP5-GROWTH project ADEPT G1MA-CT-2002-04038.

The main activities are related to setting up the network as a legal body at European level, being active in the University-Industry cooperation sector, promoting synergy between teaching and research in relevant areas for industry, research and training cooperation and structuring the university curricula including student practical stages, professional insertion, dissemination, etc.

The main output includes the publishing of books, organising European workshops and the EUI-Net conference, the producing of web databases for graduates, available jobs in industry, the promotion of research and innovation.

The target groups are graduates, students and learners in European universities, academic and research staff in European higher education institutions, university leadership, university stake- holders; professional staff from industrial companies, managers and policy makers etc.