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European Models of Synergy between Teaching and Research in Higher Education


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       Tallinn .::. Wednesday, May 3rd - Thursday, May 4th - Friday, May 5th - Saturday, May 6th 2006
Tallinn, May 3rd 2006:   *** Technology Fair 2006, "Human Beings and Innovation",
       organised by Tallinn University of Technology.
Hotel Olümpia,18:00 h.  - 19:00 h.: Registration of participants present
Hotel Olümpia,19:00 h.    EUI-Net welcome event for the conference participants


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Tallinn, May 4th 2006:
Hotel Olümpia  - Conference Center
8:30 h. -  9:00 h.    Registration of participants
9:00 h. -   9:30 h.    Welcome speech - the Rector of Tallinn University of 
9:30 h. - 10:20 h.    Opening session
   Welcome Tallinn officials
Zenon Glodek - Rector 
          HVSS  Górzow Wlkp.
Madli Krispin
10:30 h. - 10:45 h    The Relationship between Sergiu T. Chiriacescu
   the University and the
   Business Community in an
.    Ever-Changing Society
10:45 h. - 11:15 h.    Coffee/Tea break
11:15 h. - 11:40 h.    Teaching-Research Synergy Doru Talaba
   and University-Industry
   cooperation in the
    Knowledge based society
11:40 h - 12:00 h.    A University-Industry Socrates Kaplanis
   Partnership to serve for an
   Innovation Pole in Western
12:00 h. - 13:15 h.    Buffet lunch
University – Industry Teaching & Research Synergy– best practice and case studies
   Chair: Paul Cristea
13:00 h. - 13:30 h.    Comments on the University- Carlos Ochoa Laburu, 
   Industry relationship: Arantxa Tapia Otaegi
   the case of Operations
13:30 h. - 13:45 h.    Cooperation between Tallinn Tiit Metusala,
   University of Technology and Juhan Valtin
   leading power companies
13:45 h. - 14:00 h.    A Model of Collaboration Roman Bobak Roman,
   between Tomas Bata Bedrich Zimola
   University and Local
   Industrial Manufacturing
   Enterprises, Professional
   Organisations and the
   Surrounding Entrepreneurial
14:00 h. - 14:15 h.    Technical Aspects of Andrzej Wolfenburg
   Professional Insertion
14:15 h. - 14:30 h.    University - Industry George Elmer
   Co-operation in
14:30 h. - 14:45 h.    Business School-Industry David Birchall,
   Cooperation: An Analysis of Jean-Jacques Chanaron
   Good Practice Cases
14:45 h. - 15:15 h.    Tea/Coffee break
15:15 h. - 15:30 h.    Practical experiences with Alexander Söder
   different cooperation
   schemes: University
   – Industry
15:30 h. - 15:45 h.    A use case related to the Paul Borza
   relationship between
   universities and industry
   (Transylvania University and
   Siemens PSE)
15:45 h. - 16:00 h.    Interlinkage of University Drahomira Pavelkova,
   Research Activities and Adriana Knapkova
   Firms´ Practice: A
Teaching & Training in Research
   Chair: Wim van Petegem
16:00 h. - 16:15 h.    How to motivate research Lorna Uden
   in students
16:15 h. - 16:30 h.    Education – Virtual University Alena Ilavska, Jozef Babiak,
   System Peter Petrus, Marian
Vollmann, Martina Timková
16:30 h. - 16:45 h.    From Competences to Paul Dan Cristea,
   Initiatives Rodica Tuduce
17:00 h.- .    Free time in Tallinn
       Tallinn, May 5th 2006:
Hotel Olümpia  - Conference Center
Actors of the Teaching & Research process: added value for industry
   Chair: Elena Helerea
9:30 h. -   9:45 h.    Study Discipline “Industrial Roman Bobak,
   Engineering” of Master’s Jaromir Cerny,
   Degree Study Programme Bedrich Zimola
   “Economics and 
   Management” – Created and
   Provided in Collaboration
   with Industrial Enterprises
   and Professional Project
9:45 h. - 10:00 h.    Progress and Trends in the Aurel Fratu
   University - Industry
   Co-operation for foreign
   Students – case study
10:00 h. - 10:15 h.    The Entrepreneurial  Simona Lache
   University: a key factor for
   regional development in a
   globalised economy
10:15 h. - 10:45 h.    Coffee/Tea break
10:45 h. - 11:00 h.    Innovative ways of Katrin Bijnens,
   knowledge transfer between Wim Van Petegem
   Universities and Industry
11:00 h. - 11.15 h.    Best practice and case Frank March
   studies in
   networking for European
   student mobility – 
   LEONARDO reflections on
   student placements in
11.15 h. - 11.30 h.    Technical and S. Sidorenko,
   Methodological support of V. Gerasymchuk,
   Training Programme for S. Shukayev,
   International Project О.Zakhovayko
11.30 h. - 11.45 h.    The Relation between An Verburgh,
   Teaching and Research: The Jan Elen,
   Perception of First Year Koen Clays
   Students at the University of
11.45 h. - 12.00 h.    Binary stars**- trends and Sveva Avveduto,
   features of university-industry Daniela Luzi
   cooperation in Italy
12:00 h. - 13:00 h.    Buffet lunch
Actors of the Teaching & Research process: added value for industry
   Chair: Frank March
13:00 h. - 13:15 h.    International Collaboration for Danguole Rutkauskiene, 
   Higher Education Ramunas Kubiliunas, 
Egle Butkeviciene
13:15 h. - 13:30 h.    The Problem of the Public Panagiotis Sotiropoulos,
   Understanding of Basil G. Mertzios
   Techno-Science as a
   Prerequisite for the
   Development of a Research
13:30 h. - 13:45 h.    An integral 3-layer Evangelos Mylonas
   technological model for
   Education and Labour
   interleave and intensification
13:45 h. - 14:00 h.    Enhancement of the Elena Helerea,
   Research-Teaching Synergy Maria Popescu,
   Transylvania University case Claudiu Coman
14:00 h. -  14:15 h.    Istituto Superiore Mario (Carlo Naldi) - Eduardo Calia
   Boella ISMB: an applied
   research excellence Centre
   where Politecnico and
   Industries work together
14:15 h. - 14:45 h.    Tea/Coffee break
Integrating research results in teaching
   Chair: Alexander Söder
14:45 h. - 15:00 h.     An Attempt of Merging in a Ileana Hamburg,
   Synergetic Way Research Oleg Cernian,
   Work and Higher Education Herbert ten Thij
   Activities in Computer
   Engineering by an European
   Programme Project
15:00 h. - 15:15 h.    Research collaboration Lorna Uden, Kimmo
   between universities Salmenjoki, Marjan Hericko,
Gurumusamy Arumugam
15:15 h. - 15:30 h.    Tuning Engineering Marcela Luca
   Education with Work
   Requirements: A Component
   of Synergy between
   Teaching and Research in
   Higher Education
15:30 h. - 15:45 h.    Ergonomics: a bridge Alessandra Millevolte,
   between research and Massimo Mustica
   production, universities and
15:45 h. - 16:00 h.    Mobile Active Participative Michel Eboueya,
   Learning Environments for Deirdre Lillis, Jun Jo,
   the 21st Century Classroom: Gregory Cranitch,
   The MAPLE Project Philippe Martin
16:00 h. - 16:15 h.    The International Research J. Nystrand et al.
   Training Group – 
   Development and
   Application of Intelligent
16:15 h. - 16:30 h.    Designing the Curriculum - Silvia Fat, Crenguta Oprea
   Transmitting Research
   Based Academic
16:30 h. - 16:45 h.    Correlation between Ioan Matlac,
   Education and Scientific Ioan Todor,
   Research Alexandru Matlac
19:00 h.    Conference Dinner

The Conference dinner will take place in the Olavi Hall of the 13th-century House of the Brotherhood of Black Heads, near the famous  White Hall, a Renaissance style hall dating back to 1532. 

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Tallinn, May 6th 2006:
Hotel Olümpia  - Conference Center
10:00 h. - 12:00 h.    EUI-Net 2nd General Assembly
    Chair: Doru Talaba (for the EUI-Net project partners)
Technology Fair 2006
Socrates Erasmus Programme
Contract No: Ref. 116343 - CP -1-2004-1- RO - ERASMUS - TNPP
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